Why non-isiZulu people should learn isiZulu in KwaZulu-Natal.

  • By learning isiZulu we are showing humility and respect to the Zulu people, their culture and language.
  • The isiZulu population in KZN is over 80%. “Kwa” in the name “Kwa-Zulu Natal” translates to “Place of the   Zulu.” KZN is the only province in SA with a designated ethnic / language group in its name.
  • Life in KwaZulu-Natal is better when you can understand and communicate in isiZulu. A non-isiZulu speaking person is at a disadvantage. Non-isiZulu speakers are alienated from the majority of KZNs population.  By learning the majority language you are breaking down the cultural and linguistic divide.
  • When meeting new clients who are isiZulu, you are giving yourself the advantage by speaking some isiZulu. It creates a topical point of interest to aid in conversation and building trust.   
  • BBEEE is pushing the economy into  African pockets. In KwaZulu-Natal this means isiZulu hands.
  • Are they talking about me? Are you not tired of being surrounded by a language you don’t understand? The irritation and fear of not knowing if people are talking about you dissolves.
  • Understand what your staff are talking about. Many upper management positions are filled by non-isiZulu speakers yet the majority of their employees are isiZulu speakers. By understand your workers we can create an integrated work environment which is competitive and capable.
  • Information can pass easily and more effectively when we communicate in each other’s languages.

IsiZulu is an easy language to learn! Learning a language is difficult but isiZulu is known as one of the easiest languages to learn. Why?

  • The vocabulary is less than most languages as isiZulu has borrowed many words from English and Afrikaans.
  • The alphabet is the same as English and Afrikaans besides for 4 letters that are drastically different. H, C, Q, X
  • In KwaZulu-Natal there are millions of people to practise with.